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Our Mission


Our Mission

To courteously and professionally serve the taxing units of County by providing equal and uniform appraisals of all properties whereby efficient assessment and collections services will be performed on behalf of participating taxing units in compliance with the statutes of the Texas Property Tax Code.

Welcome to Haskell County Appraisal District 
Appraisal districts in Texas were created by and are governed by the Texas Property Tax Code. The Property Tax Code was created in 1979 by legislation known as the Peveto bill. Before the creation of appraisal districts all taxing entities had their own appraisal staff. This bill created one appraisal district within each county to appraise properties for all taxing entities at 100% of market value with fairness and equity. This abolished the lack of uniformity of assessment ratios used by separate appraising entities of the past. The Haskell CAD also collects property taxes for the Taxing Entities within its jurisdiction. The appraised value is only one factor of property taxes. The other factor is the tax rate. Using both factors, a property's value divided by $100, then multiplied by the adopted tax rate, equals that property's taxes. Once an appraisal roll is certified, the taxing entities go through a process to adopt a tax rate. It is important for the taxpayer to understand that if values increase then there are more dollars for the entities to spread throughout their budgets. Increases in value can sometimes mean decreases in rates. If property values increase and the rate stays the same as the previous year, the result will be a tax increase. Taxpayers may voice their concerns in rate adoption by attending the adoption hearings of the entities of interest.
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